Moav health resort


Moav health resort was established in 2003 out of love for the desert, the people and a connection between those two. Our belief is that our health lies around us. The resort is located on the east side of Arad, overlooking the Judean Desert at the top of "Nachal Tabia" (watercourse). The compound also contains An Israeli orchard farm with a manufacturer petting zoo.

The farm overlooks a number of areas:

Integrative Clinic, The Caregivers in the clinic underwent a course of eight years of the best of universities in China for graduate studies in medical sciences including governmental exams of the Republic of China. The working method in the clinic is integrative and includes observation both on the conventional and the Chinese way. In addition, accommodation that is under construction, intended for visitors from Israel and abroad, including organic and healthy dining. The resort also contains a manufacturer petting zoo with goats, sheep and chickens, olive grove with olive and unique desert trips.